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 Harry Boan (left) and Charles Moor (right) Harry Boan (left) and Charles Moore (right)

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During the month of May 1897, a little girl, accompanied by her mother, entered the establishment of Messrs. Chas. Moore & Co. The child’s attention was directed to an animated moneybox. She soon discovered that if a coin was placed on the hand and a spring touched, the coin would be thrown into the box. Having three pennies, she experimented with them and found that, having gone into the box, the coins were irrecoverable. Mr Moore happened to come along and jocularly informed the child that she had lost her pennies, and he asked what she would like in lieu of them.

‘Oh nothing,’ replied the girl; ‘give them to the children’s hospital.’
‘But we have no children’s hospital,’ said Mr Moore.
‘Then why not have one?’ was the answer.
‘Yes,’ said Mr Moore, ‘we will have one, and we will start with your pennies.’

(Children’s Hospital Annual Report 1919, pg 6)

This timeline is not a complete representation of the history of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. Only a selection of milestones and achievements have been included.

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