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Resources - Early Intervention Clinic

Visit PMH's Child Development section for information about normal child development and developmental delay.

Private Therapy Options

Parent Support and Information

  • Kalparrin - Located at PMH, Kalparrin is a centre for families with children who have special needs. They can provide support, information, parent links, respite and workshops.
  • Ngala - Provides parenting groups, educational workshops, help line, resources and child care for families to enhance the experience of parenting and the development of young children.
  • Parents' Resources Online - The Department for Communities provides parenting tips for all ages and the whole family.
  • Early Childhood Connections - Information about parenting and early childhood.
  • Parent Link Parent Guides - Parenting guides for all age groups.

Disability and Therapy Services

  • Disability Services Commission - The DSC provides access to quality support and services for people with disabilities and aims to protect their rights.
  • The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (TCCP) - TCCP provides services and specialised therapies for people with Cerebral Palsy and their families.
  • Senses Foundation - Provides assistance for children with visual impairment and physical disabilities.
  • Independent Living Centre - Provides information and equipment for carers of children with disabilities.
  • Therapy Focus - Therapy Focus provides a range of therapy and professional services in the home, school and community.
  • Child Development Centres (CDC) - The CDCs provide specialist help to children with developmental problems and their families.

Private Therapy Options

  • Speech Pathology - To find a private speech pathologist click on the link and then 'find a speech pathologist'
  • Occupational Therapy - To find an occupational therapist click on the link and then 'find an OT'
  • Physiotherapy - To find a physiotherapist click on the link and then 'find a physio'

More resources and information about support services will be available at your Early Intervention Clinic appointment.

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