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Princess Margaret Hospital

Nutrition and Dietetics


Dietitians at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH) provide ongoing assessment, advice and education for patients attending a range of specialty outpatient clinics. These services include:

  1. Nutritional Assessment
    This process incorporates an evaluation of how well nourished a person is and the nutritional requirements of that person in the context of their medical problems. Any deficiency in nutrient intake relative to recommended dietary intake can be identified.
  2. Nutritional Counselling (Education)
    A dietitian will provide information and food related strategies to achieve optimal nutrient intake and minimisation of disease symptoms.
  3. Preventative Nutrition Counselling
    People at risk of disease or the complications of disease are advised on diet related prevention.
  4. Provision of Therapeutic Diet
    A dietitian will manage the food and fluid requirements for inpatients on special diets through liaison with the health care team and food services. Special diets are constructed to help treat the individual's disease.
  5. Provision of Oral Nutrition Support
    A dietitian will use a wide variety of foods, meal patterns, fluids and nutritional supplements to optimise nutrient intake.

The Feeding Difficulties Service is a multidisciplinary team addressing feeding problems related to physiological, developmental or behavioural causes. Doctors with admitting rights to PMH can refer patients to this team.

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Statewide Services

The Nutrition and Dietetics Statewide Service is based out of PMH and provides regional services for the following towns and their outlying areas:

  • Rockingham
  • Albany
  • Bunbury
  • Geraldton
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Wagin
  • Northam
  • Esperance
  • Broome

The Statewide Service answers telephone queries from the community regarding infant, children and adolescent nutrition issues. It also provides telephone consultancy for health professionals on general nutrition issues for infants and children.

Furthermore, it provides lectures and group work to:

  • General Practitioners and Registrars
  • Residents enrolled in the Diploma of Child Health Programme
  • Postgraduate Dietetic students (Curtin University)
  • School Nurses regarding dietary management of particular medical conditions, e.g. Diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis

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