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Princess Margaret Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging




Location Diagnostic Imaging Department,
Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
Level 5, Roberts Road, Subiaco
Phone (08) 9340 8557
Fax (08) 9340 8598
Hours Monday to Friday
8.00am to 5.00pm

(A 24 hour on call service is available for urgent scans after discussion with the nuclear medicine physician on call.)

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Service Availability

On Tuesdays an emergency service only is available as there is no Nuclear Medicine Physician on site.

There is open access to the Nuclear Medicine Department provided the patient has a current referral from a medical practitioner either from within or outside the hospital.

Waiting times for examinations are variable with clinically urgent requests being given priority. We endeavour to perform all scans in a timely fashion.

All nuclear medicine patients are examined in the department. There is no portable service at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH). However, in some circumstances it may be possible to perform the initial injection on the ward.

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To Make a Booking

Bookings cannot be made without a completed request form. It is the policy of the Diagnostic Imaging Department that the request form is received before a booking can be made.

For Ward Patients

  • The completed request form should be sent to the Nuclear Medicine Department.
  • The department will phone the ward with the appointment time and patient preparation, if required.
  • For urgent requests phone Ext: 8557.
  • If a patient requires sedation for a procedure then a ward nurse will be required to remain with the patient for the duration of the scan.
  • Please refer to Nuclear Medicine sedation policy.
  • For Outpatients

  • Please bring, or send the completed request form to Level 5 Diagnostic Imaging.
  • An appointment will not usually be given at this time, but will be sent out by post, or the parents can be contacted by telephone. (Please ensure that current contact details are written on the request form)
  • If the request form cannot be brought to the department, please fax it to (08) 9340 8598 so an appointment can be booked.
  • Nuclear Medicine Request Form

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Patient Preperation

Patient preparation varies dependant upon the scan being performed and the relevant instructions will be given at the time of appointment allocation. If you have any queries with regard to patient preparation please phone the department.

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Dr Russell Troedson and Dr Elizabeth Thomas are the Nuclear Medicine Physician at Princess Margaret Hospital.

There are two full time nuclear medicine technologists.

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Images are available immediately to clinicians via the PACS system. Reports are usually available at the end of a session, or sooner if required.

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