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Princess Margaret Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging

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Location Diagnostic Imaging Department,
Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
Level 5 PSB, Roberts Road, Subiaco
Phone (08) 9340 8236
Fax (08) 9340 8598
Hours Monday to Friday
8.00am to 5.00pm

(A 24 hour on call service is available for urgent scans after discussion with the radiologist on call.)

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Service Availability

For service outside business hours, the requesting doctor is required to ring the on-call radiologist, who can be located via switchboard. If the procedure is deemed necessary, the radiologist will contact the radiographer on duty or on call. Once the staff arrive in the hospital, they will ring the requesting department to bring the patient to the diagnostic imaging department.

There is open access to the fluoroscopy service provided the patient has a current referral from a medical practitioner either from within or outside the hospital.

In general, there is no waiting time for fluoroscopy procedures unless a general anaesthetic is required.

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To Make a Booking

Bookings cannot be made without a completed request form.

For Ward Patients

  • A completed request form should be sent to the Diagnostic Imaging Department.
  • The Booking Clerk will phone the ward with the appointment time and patient preparation required.
  • For same day bookings please send the request form to the department as early as possible.
  • It is preferred that the requesting doctor ring to make the booking, so relevant clinical history can be obtained at the time of booking.
  • For urgent requests phone Ext: 8236.

For Outpatients

  • Please bring the completed request form to Level 5 Diagnostic Imaging.
  • An appointment card will be given to you at this time.
  • If the request form cannot be brought to the department, please fax it to (08) 9340 8598 so an appointment can be booked.

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Patient Preperation

Patient preparation will depend on the procedure to take place. These procedures include:

  • Micturating Cysto-Urethrogram (MCU)
    No preparation required.
  • Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP)
    This procedure generally requires a 3 hour fast from solids and fluids. Sometimes a low fibre diet may be recommended so consultation with a radiologist is required. If the patient requires EMLA, they should come 1 hour early for it to be applied.
  • Upper Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Studies (Barium swallows or meals)
    The patient will be required to fast from solids and fluids for 3 hours prior to the examination.
  • Barium Enema (Hirschsprungs)
    Children under 2 years of age should fast for 3 hours prior to the procedure. Preparation may vary for older children, so consultation with the radiologist is required.
  • Air Enema
    No preparation is required for this emergency procedure, but an IV line must be in situ, pain relief administered and a surgeon present.
  • General Anaesthetic (GA)
    If the patient requires GA, separate fasting instructions need to be adhered to. If the GA is booked well before the scan, the pre-anaesthetic nurse will ring the parents to inform them of what is required, and when the patient needs to be in the hospital.

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Consent Forms

A consent form is required when intravenous contrast (IVP) is required. As with any drug, patients can experience an allergic reaction. The form lists the associated risks with use of the IVP and asks a number of questions regarding the patient’s medical history, in order to avoid a reaction.

Patients with poor kidney function, or on certain medication (eg Metformin) will not generally be given IVP, so it is very important that this information is conveyed to the radiologist.

It is necessary to have a parent or legal guardian present when the child comes for the fluoroscopy examination, so that this written consent can be obtained. If it is not possible for the parent to be present, consent should be obtained by the requesting doctor prior to the patient presenting in the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

If you require a copy of the consent form, please contact the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

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Images are available immediately to clinicians via the PACS system. Reports are usually made at the end of the fluoroscopy session and are available for review through the Lanier system.

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