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The first x-ray images were taken at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH) in 1927. Since then the equipment, techniques and applications for children's radiology have advanced dramatically. The department has grown from a single mobile machine to sixteen machines capable of specialised imaging.

New imaging techniques that have been introduced over the years include Angiography, Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound. Image of Emergency X-ray Room - Click to Enlarge

X-ray films are now a thing of the past. A digital system of medical imaging called Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) is in use at PMH and King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women (KEMH). Radiology images are accessible to authorised personnel via computer workstations at multiple locations in both hospitals and the other three teaching hospitals in Perth (Royal Perth Hospital, Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital and Fremantle Hospital). All images are reviewed and reported on by a radiologist.

Patient confidentiality is paramount at all times.

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PMH is a state of the art hospital with a child friendly, family focus. Image of the Interventional Procedures Room - Click to Enlarge

Each year, our staff completes more than 40,000 complex and common imaging studies for children. These studies are interpreted by paediatric radiologists with special expertise in diagnosing children's conditions. We care for children of all ages and sizes, from premature infants to teenagers.

Our radiology department was specifically designed with children in mind. The décor is bright and child friendly, helping to make children feel safe and comfortable during their hospital visit. Whenever possible, we encourage parents to be present during their child's test.

All of our equipment and procedures have been developed for infants and children. For example, equipment is customized to minimize radiation, so children aren’t exposed to more than is necessary.

All of our radiologists, nurses and medical imaging technologists (MIT) have had specialized training in paediatric radiology. As a result, we are especially attuned to the needs of children and families. Our expert radiologist and MIT perform the highest quality imaging studies all with a compassionate child focus. Both patients and their families receive care and support from our experienced nursing staff.

Teaching is also a priority at PMH. We routinely train medical students, residents, registrars and colleagues on the principles of paediatric radiology.

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