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Service Description

Children can experience pain due to one or more causes, including trauma, burns, disease, surgery, or other invasive medical procedures. Effective management of pain is essential for promotion of safe, quality patient care. Successful pain management not only promotes patient comfort, but can also improve recovery and treatment outcomes, as well as increasing patient and parent satisfaction. The pain service aims to promote and support effective pain management through the provision of clinical service, education, audit and research.

The pain service carries out twice daily ward rounds Monday to Friday. The team conduct the morning round beginning at 9.00am, and the Clinical Nurse Consultant performs an afternoon round. On weekends and public holidays, the Dut Anaesthetist (DA) conducts a morning ward round.


Children who have been prescribed analgesic infusions in theatre will be automatically referred to the pain service. Nursing and medical staff can contact the pain service directly regarding the management of these children.

For other children who require pain management, a formal referral needs to be made to the pain service. Before the pain service is called, a medical officer should complete a consultation request. It is the responsibility of the Medical Officer making the referral to ascertain that the child's primary consultant has approved the referral to the pain service. Please direct referrals to the Clinical Nurse Consultant in office hours, and to the duty anaesthetist at all other times.


A Clinical Nurse Consultant, a Pharmacist and the Department of Anaesthesia staff the pain management service. There is a daily rotation of an anaesthetist allocated to the ward round and the duty anaesthetist maintains the service out-of-hours, on weekends and on public holidays. There is also an individual consultant anaesthetist who is the dedicated director of the pain service.

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Pain Service Liaison Network (for Health Professionals)

The pain service liaison network was established in 2004 and includes nurses, anaesthetic technicians, pharmacists and activity coordinators. The network was created to provide a connection between wards/departments and the pain service throughout the hospital. The liaison network members are responsible for encouraging best practice in pain management within their area, and for the dissemination of information relating to changes in policies and protocols. The liaison network also provided education and support for staff and can participate in clinical audits.

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