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Current Research

The Anaesthetic and Pain Management department at PMH is dedicated to ensure that quality patient care is delivered safely; part of that commitment is improving and reviewing current practice through research and providing resources to ensure this process occurs.

The research group in the department is headed by Winthrop Professor Britta Regli-von Ungern-Sternberg, Chair of Paediatric Anaesthesia. Britta graduated from the University of Freiburg/Germany after studying Medicine at the Universities of Freiburg/Germany, Cape Town/South Africa and Sydney/Australia. She holds the Swiss Specialist of Anaesthesia, German Specialist of Anaesthesia as well as the European Specialist in Anaesthesiology. She did her PhD at the University of Szeged/Hungary in collaboration with the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Her main interests are the research into the prediction and prevention of respiratory complication in paediatric anaesthesia and lung function changes in the perioperative period. In Britta's absence, Dr. Mary Hegarty, Consultant Anaesthetist, has the acting coordination and supervision role for all projects. Her particular interest lays on the impact of anaesthesia in the developing brain.
Coordinating and overseeing the research projects on a daily basis within the department is fulfilled by the anaesthetic research nurses (Kylie Davies, Deborah Butcher, Helen Dawson). All staff within the department support and contribute to research and maintaining quality practice and improving patient outcomes.

Our research group works in close collaboration with several local, national and international research groups. On a national basis, the main collaborators are Prof. Andrew Davidson and his team at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne and Prof. Peter Sly and his team at the Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute in Brisbane. On an international basis, our research group works closely with Prof. Thomas Erb and his team at the University Children's Hospital, Basel, Switzerland, Prof. Walid Habre and his team at the Geneva Children's Hospital, University of Geneva, Switzerland, Prof. Zoltan Hantos and his team at the University of Szeged, Hungary and Prof. Lena Sun and her team at Columbia University, USA.

The anaesthetic research group would like to acknowledge and thank Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), the PMH Foundation, Woolworths and the University of Western Australia (UWA) for their continuous financial support.

Current Research/Audits:

  • A study to compare general with regional anaesthesia for babies having hernia surgery. Effect on breathing in the early postoperative phase and long term outcome. Multicentre study coordinated via Melbourne
  • Timing of laryngeal mask removal in children with a high risk for postoperative respiratory complications – awake or anaesthetised
  • Impact of topical lignocaine on the incidence of perioperative respiratory complications in children undergoing larnyngo-tracheo-bronchoscopies – a double blind randomised controlled pilot study
  • Randomised controlled trial: Respiratory complications in infants undergoing general anaesthesia with a laryngeal mask airway versus and endotracheal tube
  • Perpherally Inserted Central Catheters: Prospective Study of Complications and Parental/Child Satisfaction
  • Randomised Control Trial: Intravenous versus inhalational induction in infants and children (0-8 years) with a high risk for respiratory complications undergoing minor elective surgical procedures with laryngeal masks airways
  • Performance of two commonly used supraglottic devices in paediatric anaesthesia: laryngeal mask airways vs. I-Gel: A randomised controlled trial
  • A pilot study of the use of gabapentin to aid in the management of mucositis pain in children undergoing myeloablative chemotherapy
  • Anaesthesia and Neurodevelopmental study
  • Difficult Intubation Trolley survey
  • Manipulation under anaesthesia and lignocaine spray audits
  • Children's attitude towards anaesthesia
  • Impact of salbutamol on respiratory mechanics in children with a recent upper respiratory tract infection undergoing anaesthesia
  • Impact of body mass index on respiratory function changes before and after induction of anaesthesia

Completed Research/Audits pending publication:

  • Impact of different methods of spraying lignocaine on the vocal cords prior to endotracheal intubation – a quality of care service
  • Prediction and Prevention of Respiratory Complications in Paediatric Anaesthesia
  • The correlation between measures of illness severity scores and the anaesthetic risk in preterm babies
  • Incidence of pharyngolaryngeal, neck and jaw discomfit after anaesthesia with a cuffed or uncuffed endotracheal tube in school children undergoing day case sugery
  • Risk factors for postoperative agitation in children undergoing anaesthesia
  • Impact of standardised anaesthesia techniques on CT imaging quality in children with CF
  • Impact of new fasting guidelines on fasting times in children undergoing day case surgery
  • Minimising the risk for adverse events by lowering laryngeal mask airway cuff pressures in paediatric anaesthesia – pro seal laryngeal mask
  • BIS in children taking stimulant medication versus controls
  • Laryngoscopic view comparisons before versus after difficult intubation
  • Effect of protocolized take home medication on postoperative pain
  • Dose finding and efficacy trial of parecoxib in tonsillectomy
  • Population pharmacokinetics of parecoxib in paediatrics
  • Audit of fasting times at PMH
  • Impact of a new fasting protocol on fasting times in day case surgery
  • Immunologic markers to predict respiratory complications in high risk children
  • Extubation – awake or anaesthetised – in high-risk patients undergoing adenotonsillectomy



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