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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Ward 4H - Princess Margaret Hospital

Ward 4H is an eight bed inpatient unit at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) for the short-term assessment and treatment of children and adolescents under the age of 16 years with mental health problems.  Mental health professionals representing nursing, medical, social work, occupational therapy, teaching and psychology staff the ward. Patients are admitted to the ward either through the PMH Emergency Department, transfer from a general PMH ward or by booked admission. Emergency department admissions involve assessments from medical and psychiatry staff. Booked admissions require a referral and agreement between the referral agency, the family and the ward staff regarding reason for admission, intended outcome of admission and follow up arrangements post discharge.  The treating team involves the parent or carers and young person from the beginning of this process.

Community mental health liaison nursing services are attached to the ward to assist with linking and connecting patients back into community mental health services, schools and other services as required.

An emergency nursing triage service that supports patients presenting to the PMH Emergency Department with possible mental health disorders also operates from 0930 -2200 hours.

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